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Steven Universe Fan Design Contest

About The Contest

About the Contest:

The Crystal Gems, a group of intergalactical female warriors who uses the powers of these gems embedded in their bodies to save the universe!  Garnet, Amethyst, Pearl, and Steven!!! Wait, what?... Steven?!  Yup.

Submit now to the first ever Fan Design Contest for Steven Universe, hosted by WeLoveFine. We know there are some super-talented fan artists who love this show out there, and we want to see your spectacular designs; the very best, as rated by your fellow fans, could reach our finalists and have a chance at winning up to $2,000 cash!  Or a prize chosen by our honored guest judges, series creator Rebecca Sugar; creative director Ian Jones-Quartey; and artist Steven Sugar, Rebecca's brother and the real-life inspiration for Steven on the show!  The winners will also be made into official Steven Universe merchandise available here at WeLoveFine.

So polish up your gems, get your thinking caps on and capture the spirit of this fan-favorite show; good luck, everyone!


About the Judges:


Rebecca Sugar photo REBECCA SUGAR: Rebecca Sugar is the creator of Steven Universe which premiered in November 2013 and was Cartoon Network's most-watched series premiere of that year.  Sugar became a storyboard artist and writer on Adventure Time in 2009 after graduating from the School of Visual Arts (SVA).  She has written 17 popular songs for Adventure Time and has boarded on some of the series' most acclaimed episodes: "It Came From the Nightosphere," "The Real You," "Jake vs. Me-Mow," Fionna and Cake," "What was Missing," and "Incendium."


Ian Jones-Quartey photoIAN JONES-QUARTEY: Ian Jones-Quartey was raised on a steady diet of cartoons and video games. His career took off when he became animation director on Adult Swim's The Venture Brothers. In 2010, he left New York for LA to work at Cartoon Network Studios for their show Adventure Time. In his downtime he has created a ton of animation and comic content for the web, most notably the 70-episode improv-comedy cartoon nockFORCE, which he animated and starred in.



Steven Sugar iconSTEVEN SUGAR: Steven Sugar is a background artist on Steven Universe, not to mention the brother of series creator Rebecca Sugar and the inspiration behind the series’ title character. He is a graduate of the Rhode Island School of Design where he studied Illustration, and his work has also been featured in video games and comics.



How To Enter

DOs & DON'Ts

1. Don't: Use the Steven Universe Logo or Cartoon Network's Logo. When creating your design imagine its part of the Steven Universe world.

2. Do: Use logos that can be found within the show!

3. Don't: Submit similar versions of the same design. Sometimes people submit the same design, but with small changes. This will only divide your votes and hurt your chances of winning.

4. Do: Make something original. Research to make sure your idea isn't already out there.

5. Don't use any copyrighted or inappropriate materials.

6. Don't: Submit images or pictures from the show.  Please create your own art!  Please DO NOT CREATE your own characters for the show. Only Characters from within the show are allowed.


FAQ - To see our full set of Contest FAQ, please click here.

Q: The submission kit is not downloading.  I need help!
A: Please email [email protected].  We should be able to send you one directly.  Or try clicking here to see if it will directly download for you


Q: How many designs can I submit?
A: You may submit up to 5 entries per person


Q: What file format do you accept?
A: All entries must be in one of the following file formats: GIF/PNG/JPG


Q: Is it ok for me to promote my designs to people I know to come and help rate my designs?
A: We encourage every artist submitting to the contest to promote themselves and their designs to friends, family and followers.  Through our experience we have found that more ratings help determine what the fans really want as your winners!  So please promote yourselves!


Q: It’s been more than 2 business days and I don't see my design on the site.  What’s going on with my design?
A: We review every submission we get before they are made live for viewing and rating.  We sometimes reject designs for obvious reasons.  If you’ve done any of the following don’t even bother asking why your design was rejected.

- Your design has inappropriate materials.
- Your design uses other copy righted material.  This means you are using other people’s intellectual property in your design you do not have the right to.  NO MASH UPS!!!
- It’s not a design. A direct photograph or a scribble you just drew on a piece of paper is not considered a shirt design.


Q: I see people cheating.  What should I do?
A: Please email [email protected] detailing what you are suspecting.  More details you can give the better we can make our decision.


Q: I don't know how the rating system works or I accidentally rated it wrong, can you change it? 
A: 1 is least favorite, 5 is THIS IS SO AWESOME, I WANT IT RIGHT NOW!!!!   Once a vote has been made, we cannot make any changes.


Prize Info