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Hatsune Miku Fan Design Contest

About The Contest


Hatsune Miku is the virtual pop star of the future, a "crowd-sourced digital creation turned cultural icon" (CBS News)… and she's about to join the ranks of our beloved characters at WeLoveFine, with YOUR help, Miku fans!  We are launching our very first Hatsune Miku design contest in conjunction with those awesome folks at Crypton Future Media, and we would like you to put your creativity and imagination into the coolest, most pop-tastic Hatsune Miku designs you can come up with!  Listen to her music to inspire you and show us your coolest t-shirt designs; you could win up to $2,000 and have your tee design made into official Hatsune Miku merchandise.  GOOD LUCK, everyone!



Zain: Illustration artist based in Tokyo. Producing for illustrations books, CD jackets, applications and more. Zain's characteristic style is the use of high contrasts and vivid color features. Her latest work is the official package illustration of Hatsune Miku V3 English.



Hiroyuki Itoh: is the CEO of Crypton Future Media, INC., a music technology company based in Sapporo, Japan. Since 1995, Crypton Future Media is importing music software and various other sound media, but also developing diverse music software, such as the singing voice synthesizer Hatsune Miku which was first released in 2007. Hiroyuki ITOH has established himself as visionary “Meta-Creator”, gradually introducing advanced services that assist the creative process of Crypton product users. Among those is a platform where not only music producers but also illustration artists can exchange artwork and collaborate with each other in the creative process ( He has embarked on yet another new challenge: the English singing version of Hatsune Miku! The software will be released on August 31st!


tokyo otaku modeToyko Otaku Mode: Tokyo Otaku Mode™ ("TOM") delivers the latest news on Japanese anime, manga, games, and more through its Facebook page, which is loved by over 13 million fans, as well as its website, TOM's mission is to be the world's premier source for the latest on Japanese pop culture. TOM also actively supports and promotes top creators on, bringing their works to a worldwide audience. TOM features creators' works on its media, produces cutting-edge portfolio page for creators, exhibits their works at global events, sells otaku goods to customers and more. With its e-commerce site (, TOM aims to close the gap between Japan and worldwide otaku fans, being a place where such otaku goods are readily accessible to fans all over the world.


hot topic logoHot Topic: It all started in 1988. A ton of teen retail accessory stores filled the malls, but there wasn't a cool music-inspired accessory store for both guys and girls. Then came Hot Topic. As 1990 rolled around, adding apparel seemed like a no-brainer. What better way than to add the ultimate music fan essential - band tees. Imagine how our customers flipped when they were able to get Bauhaus, The Cure, TSOL, and Depeche Mode T-shirts at Hot Topic. Within a year, we had about 50 different band titles, along with rock-inspired clothing lines like Lip Service and Serious. As we expanded, we discovered that customers were equally drawn to the underground cartoon, cult movie, and comic book scenes. It was a unique culture fans could call their own, so we brought the world of South Park, Care Bears, Superman, SpongeBob and tons of other pop icons into our Hot Topic stores.

How To Enter


-You may submit up to 5 entries per person

- All entries MUST incorporate one or more of the following characters: Hatsune Miku, Kagamine Rin, Kagamine Len, Megurine Luka, Meiko and/or Kaito.

-All entries must be in one of the following file formats: GIF/PNG/JPG.

-By entering the contest (”Promotion”), you indicate your full and unconditional agreement to, and acceptance of, (a) the Official Rules and (b) Mighty Fine’s (”Sponsor”) decisions, which are final and binding. Winning a prize is contingent upon fulfilling all requirements set forth herein.

-Please download the submission kit for the Official Rules.


FAQ - Full set of Rules > CLICK HERE

Q: The submission kit is not downloading.  I need help!
A: The submission kit might be just taking a bit to download.  The files in there are .PSD and a .PDF file.  In order to view the submission kit, you must have programs able to open / view these files. If you're still having troubles downloading it, please click here for a direct link to download!


Q: How many designs can I submit?
A: You may submit up to 5 entries per person


Q: What file format do you accept?
A: All entries must be in one of the following file formats: GIF/PNG/JPG


Q: Is it ok for me to promote my designs to people I know to come and help rate my designs?
A: We encourage every artist submitting to the contest to promote themselves and their designs to friends, family and followers.  Through our experience we have found that more ratings help determine what the fans really want as your winners!  So please promote yourselves!


Q: It’s been more than 2 business days and I don't see my design on the site.  What’s going on with my design?
A: We review every submission we get before they are made live for viewing and rating.  We sometimes reject designs for obvious reasons.  If you’ve done any of the following don’t even bother asking why your design was rejected.

- Your design has inappropriate materials.
- Your design uses other copy righted material.  This means you are using other people’s intellectual property in your design you do not have the right to.  NO MASH UPS!!!
- It’s not a design. A direct photograph or a scribble you just drew on a piece of paper is not considered a shirt design.


Q: I see people cheating.  What should I do?
A: Please email [email protected] detailing what you are suspecting.  More details you can give the better we can make our decision.


Q: I don't see my entry, but I got an approval.  Help!
A: Please email [email protected] with the Name of the Contest you're referring to / Design Name / Email and Name it was submitted under.  Doing this GREATLY helps as we have multiple contests going on at the same time.