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Guardians of the Galaxy Design Contest

About The Contest

About The Contest:

Are you hooked on a feeling of excitement for Marvel's Guardians of the Galaxy? So are we! Heroes or outlaws? Tree or raccoon? There is no need to choose between them when we have Groot and Rocket Raccoon out to save the universe! We want all of you talented artists out there to show us your best Rocket Raccoon and/or Groot designs for our newest Marvel contest! You could win up to $2000 cash, and the chance to have your design made into official Marvel merchandise! Let’s show the galaxy what YOU can do!!


Please note that only the characters of "Groot and Rocket Raccoon" may be used in this contest. Thank you!


About the Judges:


Lorraine Cink: Lorraine is a writer, comedian, and host, best known for her work as host and writer of Marvel's weekly comedy news web series, The Watcher.  Check out full episodes of Marvel's The Watcher on or Follow her on twitter for lots of nerdy talk @lorrainecink.



Erique Watson: Erique Watson is the Brand Manager for Apparel, Collectibles and Novelties for Diamond Comic Distributors’ Previews catalog. A lifelong pop culture dork, there’s no aspect of comic books, toys, film or television merchandising that he doesn’t run down like a lion after a gazelle



Hot Topic

Hot Topic: It all started in 1988. A ton of teen retail accessory stores filled the malls, but there wasn't a cool music-inspiredaccessory store for both guys and girls. Then came Hot Topic. As we expanded, we discovered that customers were equally drawn to the underground cartoon, cult movie, and comic book scenes. It was a unique culture fans could call their own, so we brought the world of South Park, Care Bears, Superman, SpongeBob and tons of other pop icons into our Hot Topic stores.




ThinkgeekThinkGeek: ThinkGeek started as an idea. A simple idea to create and sell stuff that would appeal to the thousands of people out there who were on the front line and in the trenches as the Internet was forged. ThinkGeek started as a way to serve a market that was passionate about technology, from programmers, engineers, students, lovers of open source, to the masses that helped create the behind-the-scenes Internet culture.




How To Enter

DOs & DON'Ts

1. Do: Make something original. Research to make sure your idea isn't already out there.

2. Do: Make stylized art! get inspiration from the movie and the comics!

3. Do: Use logos or icons that can be found in the comics.  Please, however, do note that if it's a fairly simple or generic logo, make sure that we do not already have it on the website.

4. Do: Have fun and be creative!

5. Don't: Use the "Marvel" logo.  When creating your design imagine it’s a part or within the Marvel Universe.

6. Dont: Use any other Marvel Characters other than Rocket Raccoon and Groot. 

7. Don't: Submit similar versions of the same design. Sometimes people submit the same design, but with small changes. This will only divide your votes and hurt your chances of winning rather than help it.

8. Don't: Use any copyrighted, 3rd party or inappropriate materials.  This contest is to submit art designs to be officially licensed.  If it is too obscene or mixes 3rd party, or copyrighted materials, it will NOT be approved.

9. Don't: DO NOT CROSS reference other Marvel licenses with Marvel's Guardians of the Galaxy. Also, do not add the creator(s), voice actors, celebrities within your design.

10. Don't: Use any original artwork from Marvel Comics as a part of your design


FAQ - To see our full set of Contest FAQ, please click here.

Q: The submission kit is not downloading.  I need help!
A: Please email [email protected].  We should be able to send you one directly.  Or try clicking here to see if it will directly download for you.

Q: How many designs can I submit?
A: You may submit up to 5 entries per person

Q: What file format do you accept?
A: All entries must be in one of the following file formats: GIF/PNG/JPG

Q: If I am a finalist, how large does my high-res art need to be?
A: We reccomend that your file is done 15in by 19in at 300 dpi or as close to it as your art program can handle.  If your artwork is too small, it won't work on a tee-shirt and it can hurt your chances of winning.

Q: Is it ok for me to promote my designs to people I know to come and help rate my designs?
A: We encourage every artist submitting to the contest to promote themselves and their designs to friends, family and followers.  Through our experience we have found that more ratings help determine what the fans really want as your winners!  So please promote yourselves!

Q: It’s been more than 2 business days and I don't see my design on the site.  What’s going on with my design?
A: We review every submission we get before they are made live for viewing and rating.  We will only be posting designs for the Marvel's Guardians of the Galaxy design contest once a week. We sometimes reject designs for obvious reasons.  If you’ve done any of the following don’t even bother asking why your design was rejected.

- Your design has inappropriate materials.
- Your design uses other copy righted material.  This means you are using other people’s intellectual property in your design you do not have the right to.  NO MASH UPS!!!
- It’s not a design. A direct photograph or a scribble you just drew on a piece of paper is not considered a shirt design.

Q: I see people cheating.  What should I do?
A: Please email [email protected] detailing what you are suspecting.  More details you can give the better we can make our decision.


Prize Info