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Bee and PuppyCat Contest

About The Contest

Hello Peons! Are you ready for WeLoveFine's newest On-Going contest?! We are ready to see your best designs featuring the characters from Bee and PuppyCat. We want to see your most creative and original illustrations that tell a story! 

Submissions and ratings will happen at the same time! Once a design is submitted, it can be rated on right away! You are the judges! Each winner will win $250 and the winning shirts will be available for purchase as soon as they are announced!

Be sure to create designs that tell a story! It makes for an exciting design and a greater chance of being selected for winning. 

Submission period ends 11:59pm PST on August 7th, 2015.

Ratings will continue until 11:59pm PST on August 21st, 2015


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Dates Winners Announced

11/20 Winner - BEE AND CASSEROLE CAT by Kit Thomas
12/18 Winner – MARCHING BAND by Kit Thomas
1/8 – PUPPYCAT PUCCINO by Dana Joaquin
2/5 – BEE AND PUPPYCAT 8 BIT by Cathy Le
2/19 – MAGICAL BEE GIRL by Jessica Marrs
3/5 – H2O by Jamie Guo
3/27 – NEW ASSIGNMENT by Carmen Stevens
5/14 – RAINBOW TRAIN by Hackto Oshiro
6/11 – LE PUPPYCAT MACARON by Amber Renee
7/16 – IN FISHBOWL SPACE by Eli Adams
7/31 – ALL HAIL EGGPLANT by Jamie Gui
TBD – 12th winner announced
TBD – 13th winner announced

    Please note that these dates are approximate and may change

      How To Enter

      THE RULES:

      -You may submit up to 10 entries per person for the entirety of the contest.

      -All entries must be in one of the following file formats: GIF/PNG/JPG.

      -Please see the Terms of Service for more rules and regulations. (TOS is located in submission portion.  Must agree to it PRIOR to entering)


      -For a better chance of winning this contest, please make sure your design tells a story or set a scene.

      -If you include Bee in your design, please make sure her body-type is accurate.

      - Make sure your design is not a parody or a crossover.

      - All art should be 100% your own!




      FAQ - To see our full set of Contest FAQ, please click here.


      Q: The submission kit is not downloading.  I need help!
      A: Please email [email protected].  We should be able to send you one directly.  Or try clicking here to see if it will directly download for you.


      Q: What are the three "Additional Design Images" for?
      A: One upload should be JUST the design itself so we can see it clearly. The other images, if you choose to upload them, can be other images of your design. Please remember that each design should be its OWN submission so don’t use them to upload multiple designs.


      Q: I'm having trouble uploading my images for my submission. What's going on?
      A: Please make sure that each image is exactly 1000x1000px JPG, GIF or PNG and each image MUST be under 2MB.


      Q: How many designs can I submit?
      A: For most contests you can submit up to 10 designs unless otherwise stated.


      Q: What file format do you accept?
      A: All entries must be in one of the following file formats: GIF/PNG/JPG


      Q: If I am a finalist, how large does my high-res art need to be?
      A: We recommend that your file is done 15in by 19in at 300 dpi or as close to it as your art program can handle.  If your artwork is too small, it won't work on a tee-shirt and it can hurt your chances of winning.


      Q: Is it ok for me to promote my designs to people I know to come and help rate my designs?
      A: YES!! We encourage every artist submitting to the contest to promote themselves and their designs to friends, family and followers.  Through our experience we have found that more ratings help us determine what the fans really want as winners!  So please feel free to promote yourselves!


      Q: It’s been more than 2 business days and I don't see my design on the site.  What’s going on with my design?
      A: We review every submission we get before they are made live for viewing and rating.  We will make every attempt to review submissions within 2 business days.  Please know, if you’ve done any of the following we will not accept the design into the contest and you may not be notified.

      - Your design has inappropriate materials or elements.
      - Your design uses other copy righted material.  This means you are using other people’s intellectual property in your design you do not have the right to. No mash ups!
      -You've used a design created by someone else as your own.
      - It’s not a design. A direct photograph or a scribble you just drew on a piece of paper is not considered a shirt design.


      Q: I see people cheating.  What should I do?
      A: Please email [email protected] detailing what you are suspecting.  More details you can give the better we can make our decision.

      SUBMIT YOUR DESIGN Submit up to 10 designs VIEW DESIGNS NOW VIEW WINNING DESIGNS 13 designs awarded DOWNLOAD

      Prize Info

      One winner will be fan-selected and announced approximately every two weeks.  Each winner will receive $250.00 cash.